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The Atmosphere Has Turned Cold: A Trendy Slang Phrase That Koreans Use

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what is gopboonssa

Over the past 5 years, Beeline Language Korean introduced our audience to the most effective way of learning Korean. This blog is just a continuation of the greatness we created. In our previous lessons, we have learned many different slang words like mental breakdown[men-boong], Fiery Fridays [bulgeum] and Extreme fun[ggul-jam]. Also, we have covered a lot of words that would be used by young Korean generations today. In the previous blog, you have learned the three trendy slang words in Korean that youngsters use these days. Today, it would be something similar, as you will learn a new Korean slang word, 갑분싸 [gop-boon-ssa]. You have no idea what that means? It is okay, we will explore what that means and where it came from.



What is 갑분싸[gop-boon-ssa] and What Does It Mean?

갑분싸 [gop-boon-ssa] is a short form of a phrase 갑자기 분위기 싸해짐 [gop-ja-ghi boon-wui-ghi ssa-hae-jim]. This means ‘suddenly, the atmosphere(mood) has turned into cold’. Now, this is not talking about the atmospheric air pressure, as this phrase is commonly used in social setting, when someone mentions something completely off the topic between a conversation, making the whole scene awkward.


Sample Sentences Using The Popular Slang Words

좀전까지는 재미있었는데 영수가 오고나서 갑분싸됨. [jom-jeon-gga-ji-neun jae-mi-it-sseot-neun-dae Young-Soo-ga oh-go-na-seo gop-boon-ssa doem].

It was fun until just about moments ago, but once Young-Soo entered the room, the mood suddenly became cold.


진수가 아까 거짓말을 해서 저녁식사 자리가 갑분싸됨. [jin-soo-ga ah-gga geo-jit-mal-eul hae-seo jeo-nyeok-sik-sa ja-ri-ga gop-boon-ssa doem].

Jin-Soo lied at a dinner table, that made the entire scene awkward.


*Note that 갑분싸 can also be translated in to ‘making the entire scene awkward’ as this is a made up trendy slang phrase.

How Was This Phrase Shortened?

You just have learned what 갑분싸 [gop-boon-ssa] is, but curious about how the phrase 갑자기 분위기 싸해짐 could be shortened into one word? It is pretty simple, as you just have to take the first syllable of each words, and create a new one. Therefore, the phrase 갑자기 분위기 싸해짐 can be shortened into 갑분싸, creating a whole new noun. Also, similar can be said about the previous three trendy slang words that we learned. For example, seu-ra-bel, which is study and life balance shortened from 스터디 앤 라이프 밸런스 [seu-teo-dy and la-ee-peu bel-leon-seu], but the L in the life would turn into r, as Hangul is different from English, and there are no L and R sound difference in any Korean alphabet, so they have to be utilized according to how it would sound naturally in Korean. Therefore, instead of seu-la-bel, you have seu-ra-bel.

Now that you have learned another trendy slang word in Korean, share this cool knowledge with your friends!

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