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Very Fun in Korean: How To Say Having a Good Time in Korean

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Fun in Korean

As we have previously mentioned, Beeline Korean will get you to have the necessary skills to survive in Korea as a Non-native Korean speaker. We don’t only teach you the traditional Korean alphabets and words, but we also teach you the slang words through our Beeline Language Korean blogs websites. We have learned how to say no fun in Korean in the previous lesson, and today, we will learn how to say Very Fun in Korean.




How to say Very Fun in Korean

This is how to say it in a slang way, 꿀잼 [ggul-jam]

The word 꿀 comes from English word ‘honey’, and 잼 comes from the word 재미, which means interest. In other words, this is simply put together to say ‘honey interest’ which describes that it is sweetly interesting!

Sample Sentences Using Very Fun in Korean

우리가 어제 보았던 영화는 완전 꿀잼이었어. [woo-ri-ga eo-jae bo-at-deon young-hwa-neun wan-jeon ggul-jam-ee-eo-sseo].

The movie we watched yesterday was absolutely very fun!

이 한국드라마 꼭 봐야해. 진짜 꿀잼이야. [ee-han-gook-drama-ggok-bwa-ya-hae. Jin-jja ggul-jam-ee-ya].

You have to watch this K-Drama. This is so very fun.

Other Ways to Say Very Fun in Korean

Other than just saying 꿀잼 in Korean, you could say 핵꿀잼, to maximize the meaning. 핵꿀잼 is used by many Korean internet users to describe their feelings about how much fun they are having.

You have learned how to say that you are having so much fun in many ways in Korean, and guess what? Learning Korean is 핵꿀잼!

Happy Studying everyone!

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