Learn To Speak Korean

In Only 10 Minutes a Day

Start Having Conversations

We focus on teaching you the essential words and phrases to get you speaking conversational Korean right after the first video lesson. Our lessons will teach you:

  • Grammer & Expressions
  • Common Vocabulary
  • Reading & Writing Korean
  • Korean Culture & Nuance

Every other Korean program I have tried focused too much on the technical side of the Korean language. With Beeline focusing on speaking Korean, I have not only gained a ton of knowledge, but now have confidence in having actual conversations in Korean.

Jamila Miller

I love the simple approach to learning Korean through the video lessons. Jin is so fun to watch and keeps me motivated…it’s kind of like having your own personal tutor!

Sarah McMillan

The Beeline Korean program gets right to the point with the main focus on speaking Korean. I have tried many other methods without success so I’m happy to have found you guys!

Leo Brady

Fun and interesting lessons where you not only learn Korean, but learn all about the Korean culture, their customs, the food and much more. I look forward to my new lesson every morning.

Sam Fuller

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Because our lessons focus on normal everyday situations, you can use what you learn right away!

Here is Why Beeline Students Are Learning Korean Just Like You:

K-Drama & K-Pop Fans

Understand what your idols are saying in songs, shows or movies!

K-Drama & K-Pop Fans

Each lesson builds on the next. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll learn in only 10 minutes a day.

Teaching English in Korea

Learn to order a meal, take a taxi & speak to the locals while living in Korea!

Teaching English in Korea

Lessons are built around real life situations you’ll find yourself in every day. Beeline skips the ABCs and focuses on conversations.


Friendship and Dating

Have a Korean love interest or a friend you want to get closer to?

Friendship and Dating

Beeline teaches culture and nuance to enhance your understanding of the Korean language.

The Beeline Korean Program

Our program follows a structured set of curricula. Each lesson builds on the next, and guides you through three levels of learning. After lesson one you’ll speak your first Korean words; at the end of level three you’ll be able to speak, read and write in full Korean sentences.

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