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Three Trendy Slang Words in Korean You Must Know

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Beeline Language Korean is all about learning the Korean language and culture. In our previous lessons, we have learned many different slangs like 멘붕[men-boong], 모태솔로[mo-tae-sol-lo] and 극혐 [geuk-hyeom]. Also, we have covered a lot of words that would be used by young Korean generations today. In the previous lessons, you have learned how to say different colors in Korean. You even learned how to name all the colors in the rainbow! Today, we will continue to explore what younger generations frequently use, and by the end of this lesson, you will be able to say Three Trendy Slang Words in Korean that you Must know now!



The Three Trendy Slang Words in Korean

워라벨 – [wa-ra-bel] 워크 앤 라이프 벨런스, Work and Life Balance.

스라벨 – [seu-ra-bel] 스터디 앤 라이프 밸런스, Study and Life Balance

러라벨 – [leo-ra-bel] 러브 앤 라이프 밸런스, Love and Life Balance


Sample Sentences Using These Trendy Slang Words in Korean

요즘엔 공부만 하는거 같아서 스라벨이 안맞아. [yo-jeum-en gong-boo-man ha-neun-geo ga-ta-seo seu-ra-bel-ee an-ma-jah]

These days, I feel like I am always studying, so the study and life balance is not working.

요즘엔 연애를 못하니까 러라벨은 전혀 맞지 않지 [yo-jeum-en yeon-ae-reul mot-ha-ni-gga leo-ra-bel-eun jeon=hyeo mat-ji an-chi].

These days, I am not dating at all, so my love and life balance does not exist.


Where Did These Trendy Slang Words Come From?

You just have learned what the young generations in Korea are using as trendy slang words these days. However, where do these trendy slangs originate from? Simply, you could assume that Korean culture is very fast paced, so it is very difficult for them to spend any quality time with their loved ones at home. This has been a major socioeconomic issue, as suicidal rates have gone up due to unbearable weekly labor hours. As a result, the movement among the younger generation to restore the life balance became trendy, thus words like wa-ra-bel, seu-ra-bel and leo-ra-bel have been created.

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