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How To Say Sports in Korean

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Are you a fan of sports and learning Korean? Well today is your lucky day as we will learn how to say sports in Korean!

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How To Say Sports In Korean

This is how you say sports in Korean: 운동[woon-dong]

sports in Korean

Sample Sentences Using Sports In Korean

잠이 안올때는 밖에 나가서 운동하고 오면 좀 더 낫지 않을까? [jam-ee an-ol-ttae-neun bakke na-ga-seo woon-dong-ha-go oh-myeon jom duh nat-ji an-eul-gga]?

Wouldn’t it be better to go out and play some sports and come back if you cannot sleep?

내가 생각하기에 축구는 좋은 운동인거 같애. [nae-ga seng-gak-ha-gee-en chook-goo-neun jo-eun woon-dong-een-geo ga-tte].

I think soccer is a good sport.

Other Sporting Words in Korean

You just have learned how to say your new word in Korean.

Here’s a trick: Instead of saying 운동 for sports, you could also say 스포츠 [seu-po-cheu], which essentially says the English word Sports in Korean. This is Konglish.

This may be more widely used in Korea, as 운동 is more used to describe ‘exercising body fitness’ in Korean. For example, when people say 운동가자 [woon-dong-ga-ja], it could be translated into ‘let’s go to the gym to work out’ in Korean.

Although the word 운동 generally means sports, it is more widely used as the body fitness in a gym.

Now that you have learned how to say this in Korean, let your friends know about what you have learned today by starting up a conversation about your -or their- favorite team!

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