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How To Say Music in Korean

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Are you a lover of rock? Jazz? How about K-Pop? Today, we will learn how to say music in Korean.

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How To Say Music In Korean

This is how you say Music in Korean: 음악 [eum-ak]

music in Korean

Sample Sentences with Music In Korean

기분이 안좋을때 클래식 음악을 들으면 기분이 좋아져. [gi-boon-ee an-jo-eul-ddae keul-lae-sick eum-ak-eul deul-eu-myeon gi-boon-ee jo-ah-jyeo]?

When I am feeling down, listening to classical songs enhances the mood.

음악을 듣고 공부를 하면 공부가 잘되는거 같애. [eum-ak-eul deut-go gong-boo-reul ha-myeon gong-boo-ga jal-doe-neun-geo ga-tae]

Listening when studying will help you to study well.

Many Different Types of Musical Genres in Korean

You just have learned how to say your new word in Korean. Let’s now look at the different types of genres and how to say them:

You have already learned how to say popular music in Korean,  which is 가요 [ga-yo] but how would you say pop song? A lot of Korean people would say 팝송 [pop-song] when they think of Pop music.

클래식 [keul-lae-sick] is a well-known genre in Korea as well. Those stereotypes about Korean mothers with their kids learning how to play the piano and the violin at a very young age are true!

Now that you have learned how to say this new word in Korean, go speak to your friends about your favorite K Pop bands! You’ll have endless things to talk about!

Just think about any BTS song, and how you can dig deep into the different meanings of the song by breaking down the English translation and discover not only the meanings behind the Korean words, but also the English words.

Speaking of which, have you ever noticed that in every K Pop song there is at least one English word sung? Even wonder why? Leave your comments in the comment box below to discuss!

Happy studying – and listening 🙂 Remember that listening to Korean songs will also help with your progress!