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How To Say Forgiveness in Korean

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In the previous blogs, you have learned how to say a Cellphone in Korean, and you know how to say I am sad in Korean now too. Today, we will learn how to say Forgiveness in Korean.

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How To Say Forgiveness In Korean

This is how you would say Forgiveness in Korean: 용서 [yong-seo]

forgiveness in korean

Sample Sentences Using Forgiveness In Korean

힘들겠지만 용서해 줄 수 있어?  [him-deul-get-ji-man yong-seo-hae jool soo it-sseo]?

I know it would be difficult but could you forgive?

때로는 용서를 해야지만 넘어가는것도 있어.  [ddae-ro-neun yong-seo-reul hae-ya-ji-man neom-eo-ga-neun geot-do it-sseo].

Sometimes, forgiveness is required to move on.

Other Related Words to Forgiveness in Korean

You just have learned how to say this in Korean. Now, how would you say ‘I forgive you’ in Korean?  You could say 용서해요 [yong-seo-hae-yo] to be simple.  If you would like to say  ‘Can you forgive me?’ , you may say 용서해 주실수 있어요? [yong-seo-hae joo-shil-soo it-sseo-yo]?

Now that you have learned how to say Forgiveness in Korean, let your friends know about what you have learned today!

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