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(Video) How to Say Friend in Korean

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Learning Korean words and phrases will help you start speaking the Korean language fast.  So far, we have learned some useful Korean phrases like ‘have a nice day in Korean‘; today, you will learn how to say friend in Korean.

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How do I say Friend in Korean?

친구 [chin-goo]

In the plural form, it becomes 친구들 [chin-goo-deul]

Sample Sentences Using Friend in Korean

Here are some sample sentences using your new Korean word:

나는 오늘 친구들이랑 같이 영화를 보러 갈꺼에요. 

I am going to watch a movie with friends today.

진수는 내 직장 동료야. 

Jinsoo is my work friend.


friend in Korean

Now that you know how to use this new Korean word, go out and start using it by speaking in simple sentences.

Korean can be easy to learn (at times!), as one word can be used in the place of a sentence.

This is why we encourage you to get out there and use your newly learned words as it will really help get you to reach your goal of fluency!

Speaking Korean every day, no matter what the length of your sentences are or the level of understanding that you may have, is what it will take to get you there! So keep fighting!