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Boyfriend in Korean: How to Say Boyfriend in Korean

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boyfriend in Korean

Many of you Korean language learners have acquired an interest in learning Korean through many different ways. Some have found K-pop very interesting and others just have fallen in love with Korean dramas and movies. For others, learning Korean has become an interest because of a love interest in Korea. Therefore, in this posting, we will learn how to say boyfriend in Korean.


How to Say Boyfriend in Korean

Here is how to say Boyfriend in Korean: 남자친구[nam-ja chin-goo]

The word 남자 [nam-ja] means male and 친구 [chin-goo] means friend. When these two words meet, it becomes the word boyfriend.

Note that just like English, ‘male friend’ and ‘boyfriend’ both serve as two different meanings. Male friend, can just be worded as 친구 [chin-goo] or 남자 사람 친구 [nam-ja sa-ram chin-goo] to clarify. If you wish. (사람 [sa-ram] means human, a person)

Sample Sentences Using Boyfriend in Korean

지영씨 남자친구 있어요?  [ji-young-ssi, nam-ja chin-goo it-sseo-yo?]

Ji Young, do you have a boyfriend?

나도 때로는 누군가의 남자친구이고 싶다 [na-do ttae-ro-neun noo-gun-ga-eui nam-ja-chin-goo-ee-go sip-da]

I sometimes want to have a boyfriend.

제 남자친구가 곧 도와줄거에요 [je nam-ja chin-goo-ga goht do-wa-jul-ggeo-eh-yo]

My boyfriend will help.

Other Ways to Say Boyfriend in Korean 

As we have mentioned previously, there are many ways to call your loved one in the Korean language. 남자친구 is one of the ways to call your boyfriend. However, if you would like to use a gender-neutral term to describe your loved one, to keep your privacy, you can just describe them as 애인 [ae-in] which can be substituted and used more widely to designate a ‘loved one’ in Korean. 애인 is an unisex term that can describe either gender when describing a loved one, therefore, you do not have to label ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ when describing your loved one.

Now that you know how to say boyfriend in Korean let people know who your 남자친구 or 애인 is in Korean!

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