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‘Fighting’ in Korean

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fighting in korean

There are many phrases and words that may lose its meaning when being translated into another language, For example, for a non-English native speaker, the phrase ‘break a leg’ will literally be translated into breaking a person’s leg, rather than it’s implied the meaning of wishing a person a good luck. Similarly, there are some phrases or words in the Korean language that does not make sense when they get directly translated into English. ‘Fighting’ is one of them. Today, we will learn how to say fighting in Korean, and I will let you know when is appropriate to say the word and what other words can be used instead.


How to Say Fighting in Korean

Here is how to say Fighting in Korean: 화이팅 [hwa-ee-ting] or 파이팅 [pa-ee-ting]

Note that the Korean language does not have a pronunciation for ‘f’ so either 화이팅 or 파이팅 are appropriate.

Korean people say 화이팅 or 파이팅 to cheer them up. In direct translation, the word would mean the actual physical fight, but when the word is used in the Korean language, it is often used to cheer up a colleague that is faced with an obstacle.

Sample Sentences Using Fighting in Korean

세상에 쉬운게 어딨어요? 화이팅! 너는 할수 있다. [se-sang-eh she-woon-ge eo-dit-sseo-yo? hwa-ee-ting! neo-neun hal-soo it-dda!]

What would come easy in this world? Cheer up! you can do it!

진수야, 우리 같이 파이팅 하는거야! [jin-soo-ya, woo-ri got-chi pa-ee-ting ha-neun-geo-ya!]

Jinsoo, We will cheer up together!

Note here that 파이팅 was used as an adverb to describe ‘cheer up’.  

Other Cheering Words in Korean

As we have mentioned previously, it is important to be familiar with the Korean idioms. Other words that can be used for cheer up are 아자아자 [aja-aja], 힘내! [him-nae] or 가자! [ga-ja]. You could visit our website for more Korean idioms in everyday usage.

Now that you know how to say ‘fighting’ in Korean, Good luck with your studying! 화이팅!

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