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How To Say a Toy in Korean

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toy in Korean

In the previous blogs, you have learned how to say Lover in Korean, and you know how to say a wallet in Korean now too. Today, we will learn how to say a toy in Korean.

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How To Say a Toy In Korean

This is how you would say a toy in Korean: 장난감 [jang-nan-gam]

Sample Sentences Using a Toy In Korean

올해 생일날엔 장난감 선물을 받았으면 좋겠어 [ol-hae seng-il-nal-en jang-nan-gam seon-mool-eul bat-at-eu-myeon jo-kat-sseo].

I would like to receive a toy as a present on my birthday this year.

장난감 로봇을 가지고 싶어 [jang-nan-gam ro-bot-eul ga-ji-go si-ppo].

I would like to have a toy robot.

민석이는 장난감이 아주 많아.  [Min-Suk-ee-neun jang-nan-gam-ee ah-joo man-ah].

Min Suk has a lot of toys.

Other Related Words in Korean

How do you say a doll in Korean?  You would say 인형 [in-hyung]. How about a toy car?  You could just simply add the two words 장난감 and 자동차 together and make a word 장난감 자동차 to say a toy car in Korean.

Now that you have learned how to say a toy in Korean, let your friends know about what you have learned today! Go out and speak as much as possible to increase your chances of becoming fluent!

There is no other way to learn a new language besides your hard work and resilient dedication. Throughout the past year and a half, you have been learning a new word/phrase in Korean, twice a week through our blog posting, with some example sentences with it. You could always check out our website for any ongoing promotions to how to speak, read and write Korean in no time! Previously, you have learned different combination words in Korean like forever single. Also, we have covered a lot of words that would be used by young Korean generations today.

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