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How to Say a Wallet in Korean

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Previously, you have learned different combination words like Chicken and Beer in Korean. Also, we have covered a lot of words that would be used by young Korean generations today. In the previous blogs, you have learned how to say lover in Korean, and you know how to say a Concert in Korean now too. Today, we will learn how to say a Wallet in Korean.   

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How To Say a Wallet In Korean

This is how you  say a wallet in Korean: 지갑 [ji-gab]

wallet in korean

Sample Sentences Using a Wallet In Korean

발렌타인 데이에는 지갑을 선물 받았으면 좋겠어 [val-len-ta-een da-ee-ae-neun ji-gab-eul seon-mool bat-at-sseu-myeon joh-kat-sseo].

I would like to receive a wallet as a present on Valentine’s Day.

지갑이랑 여권을 공항에서 잃어버렸어. [ji-gab-ee-rang yeo-gwon-eul gong-hang-ae-seo ee-reo-beo-rreot-sseo].

I lost my wallet and a passport at the airport.

나는 지갑에 현금이 없고 카드만 있어. [na-neun ji-gab-ae hyeon-geum-ee eob-go ka-deu-man it-sseo].

I do not have any cash in the wallet, only cards.

Other Related Words to Wallet in Korean

You just have learned how to say your new word in Korean. How do you say a handbag in Korean? It is very simple. You say핸드백 [han-deu-baek] as it would sound like in English. How about a leather wallet? You could say 가죽지갑 [ga-jook-ji-gab]. 가죽 [ga-jook] is leather in Korean and you just add the word 지갑 to it.

Now that you have learned how to say a wallet in Korean, let your friends know about what you have learned today!

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