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showbusiness in Korean
Hello Korean Language Enthusiasts!! Welcome to the Beeline Language Korean blog posting. We provide the viewers with complementary blog postings on a weekly basis about the practical use of the modern Korean language. In this post, we will be talking about show business in Korean.
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how to say a singer in korean

가수 [ga-soo] – a Singer

First of all, If you are learning the Korean language, you may have heard a term called K-Pop. K-Pop is short for Korean Pop, a genre that was created in South Korea, and the distinctive beats and flow has gotten international attention. Therefore, how would you say a singer in Korean? You would say 가수 [ga-soo]. In addition, you would call the pop groups that are formed by an entertainment management companies 아이돌 가수[ah-ee-dol ga-soo], or 아이돌.
가수가 노래를 잘해야지 가수지.  [ga-soo-ga no-rae-reul jal-hae-ya-ji ga-soo-ji].
In order to be called a singer, you have to be good at singing. 
민석이가 제일 좋아하는 가수는 누구야? [min-seok-ee-ga jae-il joh-ah-ha-neun ga-soo-neun noo-goo-ya?]
Who is Min Seok’s favorite singer?
how to say an actor in korean

배우 [bae-woo] – an Actor

Movies and TV Shows are big parts of the entertainment industry in Korea.  Many Korean actors and actresses have gained their global fandoms with feature films and shows that are available in Korea. An actor is called 배우 [bae-woo] in Korean. How would you say an actress in Korean?  It’s simple, you would say 여배우 [yeo-bae-woo].
정민이는 배우가 되는게 꿈이야. [jung-min-ee-neun bae-woo-ga doe-neun-gae ggoom-ee-yah].
It is Jung Min’s dream to become an actor. 
아까 본 영화에서 여배우가 너무 인상깊었어.  [ah-gga bon yeong-hwa-ae-seo yeo-bae-woo-ga neu-moo in-sang-gip-ut-eh].
The actress in the movie that we have watched was memorable. 
how to say an entertainment management company in korean

연예기획사  [yeon-ae-ghee-hoek-sa] – an Entertainment Management Company

You have learned how to say a singer and an actor in Korean. How would you say an entertainment management company that manages them? You would call it 연예기획사 [yeon-ae-ghee-hoek-sa] or just 기획사 [ghee-hoek-sa]. Once they signed onto an agency, they would call that 기획사 as 소속사 [so-sok-sa], which means the entertainment agency that the artist belongs to.
BTS 는 소속사가 지금 없는 상태야. [BTSneun so-sok-sa-ga ji-geum eob-neun sang-tae-ya].
BTS does not have a management company at the moment.
소속사에 계약금을 받아야해. [so-sok-sa-ae gye-yak-geum-eul ba-da-ya-hae]
We need to get the signing bonus from the management company.


How To Say a Concert in Korean

음악회 [eum-ag-hoe] – a Concert

This is how you would say Concert in Korean: 음악회 [eum-ag-hoe]. 음악회 is more commonly used for more formal settings of a concert, such as Classical Concert in Korea. The common concert that you would be thinking of, consisting of a rock band or a popular singer/songwriter, they would say 콘써트 [con-sseo-teu], which is just direct translation of the English word ‘concert’. Also, people would widely use the term ‘공연’ [gong-yeon], that directly translates into ‘show’.  The term 공연 can include many different kinds of shows including, Play, Music and Musical theater.

가을에는 음악회를 가서 공연을 보는것도 좋을꺼 같애. [ga-eul-ae-neun eum-ag-hoe-reul ga-seo gong-yeon-eul bo-neun-geot-do jo-eul-ggeo ga-tte].

It would be good to go watch a show at a concert in fall.

다음주 금요일에 음악회 보러갈래?  [da-eum-joo geum-yo-il-ae eum-ag-hoe bo-reo-gal-lae]?

Would you like to go to a concert next Friday?

How To Say Show business in Korea

You have just learned how to say different things in the show business in the Korean language. As you may already know, Showbiz is short for Show Business, which is essentially an entertainment industry in other words. Showbiz in Korean is called 연예계 [yeon-ae-gye], and it generally describes all the acting, singing, and performing in an entertainment industry in general.

Now that you have learned how to say show business in Korean, you can let your friends know about what you have learned today, and spread the knowledge!

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