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Hello Beeling Language 친구들!! Welcome to the Beeline Language Korean blog posting. We provide the viewers with complementary blog postings on a weekly basis about the practical use of the modern Korean language. Did you know that the whole blog posting on our website is free to everyone who is interested in the Korean language? It has been proved to be effective to our students that reading these blog postings along with your regular Beeline curriculum will help advance your Korean language skills. Be sure to visit our pages on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram, as you will be able to find funny and memorable pictures with new Korean words in it. Today, you will learn different kinds of material names in Korean, and you will also learn how to say materials in Korean.

Related Materials in Korean

materials in korean

구리 [goo-rhee] – Copper

How would you say a copper in Korean? It is called 구리 [goo-rhee]. Their coin valued at 0.1 won called 십원 [sheep-won] is made of copper. Therefore, many people in Korea carry a piece of copper with them in their daily lives.
나는 십원짜리 동전이 구리로 만들어진걸 몰랐어. [na-neun sheep-won-jja-rhee dong-jeon-ee goo-rhee-ro man-deul-eo-jin-geol mol-lat-seo]
I did not know that the 0.1 won coin was made of copper. 
구리는 불에 잘 타지 않아.  [goo-rhee-neun bul-ae jal-ta-ji- an-ah]
Copper does not burn in flames.

materials in korean

강철[gang-cheol] – steel

In the 70s and 80s, South Korea used to have a lot of industrialized areas as it was one of the fast-growing counties in the world at the time. They built many factories with steel pipes and their innovation and hard work have helped them to be one of the wealthiest counties in Asia today. How would you say steel in Korean?  It’s called 강철 [gang-cheol]

강철로 만든 필통을 가지고 싶어 [gang-cheol-lo man-deun pill-tong-eul ga-ji-go si-ppo]

I would like to have a pencil case made of steel.

민석이의 팔은 강철로 만든거 같애. [min-seok-ee-eui pal-eun gang-cheol-lo man-deun-geo ga-tte].

Minseok’s arm is like made of steel.

materials in korean

유리 [yoo-rhee] – glass

How would you say glass in Korean? It’s called 유리 [yoo-rhee] If you ever visit Korea, there are so many 유리 빌딩 in Seoul, that you will be mesmerized. Also, in a completely unrelated note, 유리, is also a popular girl’s name in Korean.

유리컵을 가져다 줄래? [yoo-rhee-cup-eul ga-jeo-da joo-lae]?

Could you bring me the glass cup?

유리구두를 신고싶어 [yoo-rhee-goo-doo-reul shin-go-si-ppo]

I’d like to wear glass shoes.

materials in korean

목재 [mok-jae] – Wood

This is how you would say wood in Korean: 목재 [mok-jae] You have already learned how to say tree in Korean, it is called 나무 [na-moo] and wood is from the trees. Many traditional Korean houses are made of clay and wood, and they are called 한옥 [han-ok].

그가 목재로 책상을 만들어주신데. [geu-ga mok-jae-ro chek-sang-eul man-deul-eo joo-shin-dae]

He will make a desk with the wood.

내 방바닥은 목재로 되어있어. [nae bang-ba-dak-eun mok-jae-ro doe-eo-it-sseo]

My room floor is made of wood.

How To Say Materials in Korean

Now that you have learned how to say some of different material names in Korean, how would you actually say materials in Korean? You would say 재료 [jae-ryo] or 물질 [mool-jil]. 재료 is more commonly used term for materials when it is being used for describing materials that are found in everyday life, where as 물질 is more close to saying substances in Korean.

Now that you have learned how to say Materials in Korean, you can let your friends know about what you have learned today, and spread the knowledge!

Happy Studying! 안녕!


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