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institutions in korean
Hello Friends!! Welcome to the Beeline Language Korean blog posting. We are introducing the viewers with the fresh Korean language contents on a weekly basis. Did you know that the whole blog posting on our website is free to everyone who is interested in the Korean language? You can’t really beat that! With the innovative ways of Beeline Language Korean approaches with their angle on how to master the language, you could complement these blog postings with your study to make it most effective. Be sure to visit our pages on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram, as you will be able to find funny and memorable pictures with new Korean words in it. Today, you will learn how to say some of the institutions in the Korean language.

Institutions: What They Are Called in Korean 

학교[hak-gyo] – School

First, How would you say school in Korean?  It is called 학교[hak-gyo]. You have learned how to say study in Korean already, from our previous posting. It is called 공부 [gong-boo]. An elementary school in Korean in called 초등학교 [cho-deung-hak-gyo], while a middle school is called 중학교 [joong-hak-gyo]. A high school is called 고등학교 [goh-deung-hak-gyo] and a university is called 대학교 [dae-hak-gyo].
학교 가면 영어를 배워야해. [hak-gyo-ga-myeon yeong-uh-reul bae-wo-ya-hae].
When we go to school, we will have to learn English Literature.
내일 학교 아침 9시까지 가면 되는거야?  [nae-il hak-gyo ah-cheem ah-hop-shi-gga-ji ga-myeon doe-neun-geo-ya?]
Could I be at the school by 9 AM tomorrow morning? 

병원 [byeong-won] – Hospital

What would be one of the most important institutions to know in the Korean language when you are traveling to South Korea? I would say a hospital, or 병원 [byeon-won]. A general hospital in Korean is 종합병원 [jong-hap-byeong-won], while an emergency room is called 응급실 [eung-geup-shil]. A clinic is called 클리닉 [keul-lee-nik], which is how the clinic is pronounced in the Korean language.
아프면 병원으로 가야되 [ah-peu-myeon byeong-won-eu-ro ga-ya-hae].
If you are sick, you have to go to the hospital. 
병원에서 준 처방전으로 약국으로 가서 약을 받아.  [byeong-won-ae-seo joon cheo-bang-jeon-eu-ro yak-gook-eu-ro gh-seo yak-eul ba-dah].
Take the prescription you got from the hospital, you could go to the pharmacy to get the medications. 
*약국 [yak-gook] = pharmacy
*처방전 [cheo-bang-jeon] = prescription

how to say a church in korean

교회 [gyo-hoe] – Church

In traditional Korean beliefs, Confucianism and Buddhism are the most common religious beliefs that ancient Koreans believed in. A religion in Korean is 종교 [jong-gyo]. In the early 1950s, due to the western influence that was common in South Korea, Christianity and Catholicism have spread widely. A church in Korean is called 교회 [gyo-hoe].
교회 나가서 예배를 드려야돼. [gyo-hoe na-ga-seo yay-bae-reul deu-ryeo-ya hae].
I have to go to the church for worship.
일요일은 교회나가야 되서 바빠. [eel-yo-il-eun gyo-hoe-na-ga-ya doe-seo ba-bba].
On Sundays, I am busy because I have to go to church.

how to say a stadium in korean

경기장 [gyeong-ghee-jang] – Stadium

Many Koreans love their sports. Most of the sports games are held in a stadium. A stadium in Korean is called 경기장 [gyeong-ghee-jang]. Sports in Korean is called 스포츠[seu-po-cheu], which is sports pronounced in the Korean language.
오늘 야구는 어느 경기장에서 하죠? [oh-neul ya-goo-neun eo-neu gyeong-ghee-jang-ae-seo ha-joh?]
Which stadium would the baseball game be held today? 
경기장에서 축구를 보자. [gyeong-ghee-jang-ae-seo chook-goo-reul bo-jah].
Let’s watch the soccer game in a stadium

How To Say Institutions in Korea

We just have learned how to say different institutions in Korean. How would you actually say an institution in Korean? It is called 기관 [ghee-gwan]. Similarly, you could call the foundations 재단 [jae-dan] in Korean.

Now that you have learned how to say institutions in Korean, you can let your friends know about what you have learned today, and spread the knowledge!

Happy Studying! 안녕!


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