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How To Say Winter in Korean

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In any language, knowing how to make small talk is important in order to be able to have daily conversations. Today, we will learn how to say winter in Korean so that you can chat about the weather!

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How To Say Winter In Korean

This is how you would say Winter in Korean: 겨울 [gye-oul]

Winter in Korean

Sample Sentences Using Winter In Korean

겨울에는 눈으로 눈사람을 만들고 싶어 [gye-oul-ae-neun noon-eu-ro noon-sa-ram-eul man-deul-go si-peo].

I would like to make a snowman with snow in winter.

겨울에는 추우니까 따듯하게 옷을 입어야해. [gye-oul-ae-neun choo-woo-ni-gga dda-ddeut-ha-gae ot-eul ip-eo-ya-hae].

It is cold in winter, so you have to dress warm.

Other Related Words to Winter in Korean

You just have learned how to say your new word in Korean. Make sure you go practice now!! The more you speak, the more you will gain confidence and learn new words to continue mastering the language!

Now, we will learn some more words that are related to winter.  You have seen 눈 [noon] and 눈사람 [noon-sa-ram] from the sentences introduced above. They are Snow and Snowman in Korean.

How to say Cold in Korean

How would you say cold in Korean? You could simply say 춥다 [choop-da] or 추워 [choo-wo] to describe that you are cold in Korean. It can certainly be cold in Korea in the winter, so it helps to get some tips on how to spend your time there during this season.

How to say Wind in Korean

What makes the winter cold? Yes, the wind.  Wind is called 바람 [ba-ram] in Korean.

Now that you have learned how to say Sports in Korean, let your best friend in Korea know about what you have learned today!