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Painting in Korean: How To Say Painting in Korean

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painting in korean

Beeline Language Korean introduces you to a new way of learning Korean language. We introduce two new words each week through our blog posting, so you could learn additional practical Korean language that the young generation uses these days.  You could always check out the Beeline Language Korean website for any ongoing promotions to how to speak, read and write Korean in no time! You have learned how to say music in Korean. Also, we have taught you how to say concert in Korean as well. Today, we will learn how to say painting in Korean.


How To Say Painting In Korean

This is how you would say a Painting in Korean: 그림 [geu-rim]

Sample Sentences Using Painting In Korean

그림이 너무 멋있어서 자꾸 보게 되. [gue-rim-ee neo-moo meo-si-sseo-seo ja-ggu bo-gae-doe].

This painting is so nice that I keep looking at it.

우울하면 그림을 그리는게 어때? [woo-ool-ha-myeon geu-rim-eul geu-ri-neun-gae eo-ttae]?

If you are depressed, how about try painting?


Other Related Words to Painting in Korean

How would you say an art exhibition in Korean?  You could say 미술 전시회 [mee-sool jeon-si-hoe]. 미술 means art in Korean, and 전시회 means exhibition. The combination of the two words will yield an ‘art exhibition’. How would you say drawing/painting in Korean?  You could say 그리다 [geu-ri-da] to describe the verb drawing and painting.

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