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A Bag in Korean: How To Say a Bag in Korean

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bag in korean

Twice a week, the readers of the Beeline Language Korean get to see two new blog postings that gets posted, to learn additional practical Korean language that the young generation uses these days. You could always check out the Beeline Language Korean website for any ongoing promotions to how to speak, read and write Korean in no time! Previously, we have learned many different words in Korean like Music, Concert and a Present. Today, you will learn how to say a bag in Korean!


How To Say a Bag In Korean

This is how you would say a Bag in Korean: 가방 [ga-bang]

Sample Sentences Using a Bag In Korean

민석이 가방 되게 멋져 보인다. [Min-Seok-ee ga-bang doe-gae meot-jyeo bo-een-da].

Min-Seok’s bag looks very nice.

책가방에서 교과서를 꺼내주세요.  [chek-ga-bang-ae-seo gyo-gwa-seo-reul ggeu-nae-ju-se-yo].

Please take out the textbook from the backpack.

Other Related Words to a Bag in Korean

Now, How Would you say a leather bag in Korean?  You could simply add the word leather in Korean in front, and say 가죽 가방 [ga-jook ga-bang].  How about a backpack?  You could say 책가방 [chek-ga-bang].  책 means a book in Korean, and you know that you could put the textbooks in the backpack, so Korean people would call the backpack as 책가방.  How about a handbag? It is simple as well, you would just say the word 핸드백 [han-deu-baek] which simply narrates the English word ‘a handbag’ written in Korean.

Now that you have learned how to say a bag in Korean, let your friends know about what you have learned today!

Happy Studying!


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