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furniture in korean
안녕 친구들! Welcome to the Beeline Language Korean blog posting. Did you know that the whole blog posting on our website is free to everyone who is interested in the Korean language? You can’t really beat that! With the innovative ways of Beeline Language Korean approaches with their angle on how to master the language, you could compliment these blog postings with your study to make it most effective. Be sure to visit our pages on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram, as you will be able to find funny and memorable pictures with new Korean words in it. In the previous posting, we have learned the trendy new words young generations of Korea uses on a daily basis.  In this posting, you will learn a few words in Korean, and specifically, you will learn about how to say some of the furniture in Korean, the most essential items in the household.

How To Say Some Of the Furniture in Korean 

how to say a bed in Korean

침대 [chim-dae] – a Bed

How would you say a bed in Korean?  it is called 침대 [chim-dae] .  Related words to a bed would be a pillow, which is 배게[bae-ghae] in Korean and 이불 [ee-bool], which means a blanket in Korean.
침대는 좋은걸 써야지 허리에 좋아. [chim-dae-neun jo-eun-geo sseo-ya-ji heo-rhee-ae jo-ah]
You need to use a bed that is in good quality so it is good for your back.
두통이 있으면 침대에 누워있는게 어때?  [doo-tong-ee it-sseu-myeon chim-dae-ae noo-wo-it-neun-gae eo-ttae?]
If you have a headache, why don’t you lay down on a bed? 
*Note that the headache in Korean is called 두통 [doo-tong]
how to say a chair in korean

의자 [eui-ja] – a Chair

It is extremely important to have a chair in any office or home space, to make sure that you will be able to rest your tired legs from time to time.  How would you say a chair in Korea?  You could call it 의자 [eui-ja] You can find this furniture in every single Korean family household as well. There are dining chairs and office chairs, but in South Korea, people do not really differentiate the two.
승준아, 다리가 아프면 의자에 앉아서 좀 쉬어 [Seung Joon-ah, da-rhee-ga ah-peu-myeon eui-ja-ae an-ja-seo jom shee-eo]
Seung Joon, if your legs hurt, sit down on a chair and take a break. 
침대 옆에 있는 의자에 앉아서 의사선생님을 기다리세요 [chim-dae-yeop-ae it-neun eui-ja-ae an-ja-seo eui-sa seon-seng-nim-eul ghi-da-ri-se-yo.]
sit on a chair right beside the bed, and wait for the doctor.

서랍 [seo-rop] – a Drawer

in every household in Korea, it is so easy to find a drawer in a bedroom. 서랍 [seo-rop] is a drawer in Korean. Similarly, you would call the dresser in Korean as 서랍장 [seo-rop-jang].  How would you say a closet in Korean? It is called 옷장, [oat-jang].
정수네 집에 있는 옷장이랑 서랍이 너무 이쁜거 같애. 
the closet and the drawer in Jung-Soo’s house are so pretty.
서랍장안에 있는 내 도구박스 좀 가져다줘. [seo-rop-jang-an-ae-it-neun nae-do-goo-bok-sseu jom ga-jeo-da-jo.]
Please bring me the toolbox inside of the dresser. 
how to say a desk in korean

책상 [chek-sang] – a Desk

You have just learned how to say a chair, a bed and a drawer in Korean. What would be the most essential furniture for students at home? It would be a desk. How would you say a desk in Korean?  It is called 책상 [chek-sang].
학생에겐  좋은 책상이 꼭 필요한 가구야.  [hak-seng-ae-ghen jo-eun chek-sang-ee ggok pil-yo-han ga-goo-ya]
A good desk is an essential furniture item for a student. 
책상에서 앉아서 열심히 공부를 하면 성적이 오를꺼야. [chek-sag-ae an-ja-seo yeol-shim-hee gong-boo-reul ha-myeon sung-jeok-ee oh-reul-ggeo-ya.]
If you sit down at a desk and study hard, your grades will improve.

Interesting Factor About The Furniture in Korean

We have learned how to say a desk, a chair, a bed and a drawer in Korean. These are some of the essential household furniture that everyone in Korea has. Now, do you know how to say ‘furniture’ in Korean? it is called 가구 [ga-goo]. Now, how would you say a furniture store in Korean? You could easily say the furniture store in Korean by adding a word 점 at the end, 가구점 [ga-goo-jeom]

Now that you have learned how to say some of the furniture in Korean language, let your friends know about what you have learned today, and spread the knowledge!

Happy Studying! 안녕!


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