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Four Seasons in Korean | Beeline Korean

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seasons in korean
Hello Korean Language Enthusiasts!! Welcome to the Beeline Language Korean blog posting. We provide the viewers with complementary blog postings on a weekly basis about the practical use of the modern Korean language. Did you know that the whole blog posting on our website is free to everyone who is interested in the Korean language? It has been proved to be effective to our students that reading these blog postings along with your regular Beeline curriculum will help advance your Korean language skills. Be sure to visit our pages on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram, as you will be able to find funny and memorable pictures with new Korean words in it. In the previous posting, you have learned how to say different words in showbiz in Korean, and in this lesson, you will learn how to say different seasons in Korean, and you will also learn how to say four seasons in Korean as well.

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how to say spring in korean

봄 [bom] – Spring

How would you say a spring in Korean?  It’s called 봄 [bom]. Usually the spring comes around in March in Korea, where you can see all the seeds and plants start to grow from the fresh ground. Also, most of the school will start their new year in March, so for the majority of Koreans, spring means ‘fresh beginning’.
봄에 일산으로 놀러가자. [bom-ae il-san-eu-ro nol-leo-ga-ja].
Let’s visit Ilsan in the spring.
봄에는 학교에서 새로운 학년이 시작해 [bom-ae-neun hak-gyo-ae-seo se-ro-woon hak-nyeon-ee shi-jak-hae]
In the spring, the new school year will begin at the school.

How To Say Summer in korean

여름 [yeo-reum] – Summer

This is how you would say summer in Korean: 여름 [yeo-reum]. 여름 is how to say summer in Korean, how about summer vacation? Korean people are usually very hard-working people and they do not have set vacation weeks negotiated when signing up to be an employee at a company. Most people take way less than a week average vacation a year, but they make the best out of it. Vacation from work is called 휴가 [hyoo-ga], but most people call the summer vacation 바캉스 [ba-kang-sseu] in Korean. 바캉스 is actually a word originated from an English word ‘vacance’, which usually means that you are vacationing somewhere to get away from the heat. Similarly, some people call the summer vacation as 여름휴가, just simply putting the word summer and vacation together.

이번 여름에는 비치에 가서 파도랑 같이 놀고싶어. [ee-beon yeo-reum-ae-nuen bee-chee-ae ga-suh pa-doh-rang ga-chi nol-go-si-ppo].

This summer, I would like to go to a beach and play with waves.

여름방학 동안에는 밖에서 뛰어 놀 수 있어서 너무 좋아. [Yeo-reum bang-hak dong-ahn-ae-neun ba-kke-seo ddiu-eo-nol-soo-ee-sseo-suh neo-moo jo-ah].

During the summer break, It is so good that I can play and run outside.

Note that 여름 방학 was used to describe ‘summer break’ from school

how to say fall in korean

가을 [Ga-eul] – Fall

You would say 가을 [ga-eul] to say fall in Korean. Korean fall is usually only a few months (September to November) but it is absolutely beautiful. Just like many other falls and autumns in other countries in the world, the fall season is to harvest all the crops that you have been growing all year long. They would say that the sky is high and horses will gain weights, and they will say 천고마비 [cheon-go-ma-bi] to describe the season.

가을 하늘은 참으로 높고 맑은거 같애. [ga-eul ha-neul-eun cham-eu-ro nop-go mar-geun-geo ga-tte].

It seems that the sky in the fall is very clear and high.

가을이 제일 좋은 이유는 너무 덥지도 않고 춥지도 않아서야. [ga-eul-ee jae-il jo-eun ee-yu-neun neo-moo deop-ji-do an-ko choop-ji-do an-ah-seo-ya].

The reason I like the fall the best is that it is not too hot, nor too cold.

Note that in some Korean sentences, it is common to omit subjects such as I and you.

How To Say Winter in Korean

겨울 [gye-oul] – Winter

This is how you would say winter in Korean: 겨울 [gye-oul].  You have seen 눈 [noon] and 눈사람 [noon-sa-ram], as they are Snow and Snowman in Korean. How would you say cold in Korean? You could simply say 춥다 [choop-da] or 추워 [choo-wo] to describe that you are cold in Korean. What makes the winter cold? Yes, the wind.  Wind is called 바람 [ba-ram] in Korean.

겨울에는 눈으로 눈사람을 만들고 싶어 [gye-oul-ae-neun noon-eu-ro noon-sa-ram-eul man-deul-go si-peo].

I would like to make a snowman with snow in winter.

겨울에는 추우니까 따듯하게 옷을 입어야해. [gye-oul-ae-neun choo-woo-ni-gga dda-ddeut-ha-gae ot-eul ip-eo-ya-hae].

It is cold in winter, so you have to dress warm.

How To Say Four Seasons in Korean

Now that you have learned how to say each of the four seasons in Korean, do you know how to say seasons in Korean? it’s called 계절 [gye-jeol]. Four seasons is called 사계절 [sa-gye-jeol] in Korean. If you ever visit South Korea, you will be able to witness that the country is flourished with all four seasons all year long, making the land and water more prosperous.

Now that you have learned how to say four seasons in Korean, you can let your friends know about what you have learned today, and spread the knowledge!

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