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Bathroom in Korean & Other Related Words

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Bathroom in Korean
Hello! Welcome to the Beeline Language Korean blog posting. Since we have started sharing the postings on our Beeline Language Blog, we are getting more and more inquiries from our viewers about the program! Since many of you are asking about more Korean contents, we are happy to share with you that you could visit our pages on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram, as you will be able to find funny and memorable pictures with new Korean words in it. In this posting, you will learn how to say bathroom in Korean and how to say some of the items in your bathroom in Korean.

Things in Your Bathroom: How They Are Called in Korean 

how to say a bathroom in korean

화장실 [hwa-jang-shil] – Bathroom

First, How would you say a bathroom in Korean?  It is called 화장실 [hwa-jang-shil]. Also, some people say it 욕실 [yok-shil] or 변소 [byeon-so]. However, the most common term for the bathroom in Korean is 화장실, and most Koreans will use the term 화장실 when they describe a bathroom.
정수네 집에 화장실이 무지 넓어. [jung-soo-ne jib-ae hwa-jang-shil-ee moo-ji nerb-eo.]
The bathroom in Jung Soo’s place is very spacious. 
수업시간에 화장실에 가고 싶으면 어떻게 하죠? [soo-up-si-gan-ae hwa-jang-shil-ae ga-go-ship-eu-myeon euo-tteo-kae ha-jo?)
What do I do when I have to go to the bathroom during a class? 
bathtub in korean

욕조[yok-jo] – a Bathtub

How would you say a bathtub in Korean?  it is called 욕조 [yok-jo]. Sometimes, you would call a bathroom with a tub 욕실 [yok-shil].
오늘 피곤하니까, 욕조에 몸을 좀 담궈야 겠어. [oh-neul pee-gon-ha-ni-gga yok-jo-ae mom-jom dam-gwo-ya gae-sseo]
Because I am tired today, I will have to put my body soaked in a tub. 
욕조에 물을 받아놓고 기다려. [yok-jo-ae mool-eul bat-ah-no-ko gi-da-ryeo]
Wait for me after running the water on the bathtub. 

a sink in korean

세면대[se-myeon-dae] – a Sink

In every bathroom in Korea, you must have a sink. Having a proper sink would be exceptionally important to Korean people because they are very hygienic people. How would you call a sink in Korean? It’s called 세면대 [se-myeon-dae]. What do you do at the sink? You would wash your hands and face, and brush your teeth.  세수 [se-soo] is Korean for washing the face, as 이닦기 [ee-dak-gi] is brushing your teeth in Korean.
영수야, 세면대 위에 있는 칫솔좀 줄래? [young-soo-ya, se-myeon-dae wee-ae-it-neun chit-sol-jon joo-lae?]
Young-Soo, Could you pass me the toothbrush on top of the sink? 
존, 세면대 위에다가 반지를 두고왔어. [John, se-myeon-dae wee-ae-da-ga ban-ji-reul doo-go-wat-sseo]
John, I left my ring on top of the sink.
*Note: A ring is called 반지 [ban-ji] in Korean. 

a toilet in korean

변기 [byeon-gi] – a Toilet

How would you say a toilet in Korean? It’s called 변기 [byeon-gi] . There are two types of toilets in Korea, where most of them use the toilet bowl that Western culture is used to, and it is called 양변기 [yang-byeon-gi]. There is another type of toilet in Korea called 재래식 변기 [jae-re-shik-byeon-gi] and it is a toilet bowl that is embedded on the floor, so you would have to go above and squat down to take care of your business.
우리집 화장실 변기가 막혀서 뚫어야해. [woo-ri-jib hwa-jang-shil byeon-gi-ga mak-hyeo-suh ddool-eo-ya-hae.]
The bathroom toilet in our house is clogged and needs to be plunged. 
정수야, 아까 볼일보고 나서 변기물 내렸니? [jung-soo-ya, ah-gga bol-il-bo-go-na-seo byeon-gi-mool nae-ryut-nee?]
Jung-Soo, did you flush the toilet after you used it before?

Interesting Factor About The Bathrooms in Korean

We have just learned how to say a bathroom, a toilet, a sink and a bathtub in Korean,  These are some of the essential household items located in everyone’s bathroom in Korea. Because you know that there is more than one way to say ‘bathroom’ in English, you can assume that there is more than one way to say a bathroom in Korean.  We have learned that Koreans sometimes calls the bathroom 변소, or 욕실. In addition to that, in ancient Korean culture, bathrooms are often located in a separate building of the house, and used to be called ‘뒷간'[duit-gan].

Now that you have learned how to say bathroom in Korean, you can let your friends know about what you have learned today, and spread the knowledge!

Happy Studying! 안녕!


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