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Appliances in Korean | Learn Korean with Beeline!

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Appliances in Korean
Hello, Friends! Welcome to this week’s edition of the blog posting for Beeline Language Korean where we are going to teach you sentences using appliances in Korean. This is just a reminder that the blog postings for Beeline language Korean are completely free of charge and available to everyone, who wishes to get better at studying the Korean language.
With the innovative ways of Beeline Language Korean approaches with their angle on how to master the language, you could compliment these blog postings with your study to make it most effective. Make sure to visit our other social media pages on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram, as you will be able to find funny and memorable pictures with new Korean words in it. In the previous posting, we have learned the how to say some of the furniture in Korean,  In this posting, you will learn a few new words in Korean, and specifically, you will learn about how to say appliances in Korean, some of the most essential items in every home. You will learn how to say a laundry machine, a fridge, a microwave range, and an oven in Korean.

How To Say Some Of the Appliances in Korean 

how to say a laundry machine in korean

세탁기 [Setaggi] – a Laundry Machine

How would you say a laundry machine in Korean?  it is called 세탁기 [setaggi] .  Related words to a bed would be a 건조기 [geonjogi] for a dryer unit. You need some laundries to put into the machine. The laundry in Korean is called 빨래 [bbal-lae].
세탁기랑 건조대는 어디있어요? [setaggi-rang geon-jo-gi-neun eo-dhee ee-sseo-yo?]
Where are the washer and dryer located? 
빨래는 세탁기에 넣어서 돌리면 돼. [bbal-lae-neun se-tag-gi-ae neo-eo-seo dol-li-myeon-doe]
You can put the laundry in the laundry machine and start it. 

appliance in Korean

냉장고 [naeng-jang-go] – a Fridge

During hot summer days in Korea, coming home from school and grabbing that ice cold drink from the fridge is a universally satisfying experience for everyone throughout all the cultures. How would you say a fridge in Korean?  it’s called 냉장고 [naeng-jang-go]. In South Korea, there is a special type of fridges that are specifically designed to store ‘Kimchi’ called 김치냉장고. [gim-chee-naeng-jang-go]. Some of you may know that keeping the Kimchi stored in a regular fridge may stink up the entire fridge with unfavorable scent, so having a 김치냉장고 is almost a staple in Korean homes. How would you call a freezer in Korean? you would say 냉동고 [naeng-dong-go].
현수야, 냉장고에서 물좀 꺼내다 줄래?  [hyun-soo-ya, naeng-jang-go-ae-seo mool-jom ggeo-nae-da jool-lae?]
Hyunsoo, could you please give me some water from the fridge? 
김치냉장고를 미국에서도 팔까? [gim-chee-naeng-jang-go-reul mee-ook-ae-seo-do pal-gga?]
Would they sell a Kimchi Fridge in the U.S. A? 

microwave in Korean

전자레인지[jeonja leinji] – a Microwave range

You just learned how to say a laundry machine and a fridge in Korean. Now, how would you say a microwave range in Korean?  전자레인지 [jeonja leinji]. 레인지 is the exact English word ‘range’ written in the Korean alphabet, however, you cannot shorten the word like English, then it becomes 전자, which means electric in Korean.
전자레인지에 3분 돌리면,  맛있는 카레가 완성됨. [jeonja-leinji-ae sam boon dol-li-myeon, mat-it-neun ka-re-ga wan-sung-doem.]
If you microwave it for 3 minutes, it becomes a delicious curry! 


수영이 집들이 선물로 전자레인지가 어때?  [soo-young-ee jib-deul-ee seon-mool-lo jeon-ja-le-in-ji-ga eo-ttae?]

How about a microwave oven for Soo-Young’s housewarming present?

oven in korean

오븐 [o-beun] – an Oven

You have just learned how to say a laundry machine, a fridge and a microwave range in Korean.  What is the other appliance that is essential in the kitchen?  Yes, it is an Oven. An Oven in Korean is called ‘오븐’ [o-beun].
오븐안에 쿠키가 있어.  [o-beun-an-ae koo-kee-ga it-sseo.]
The cookies are in the oven. 
오븐이 뜨거우니까 조심해. [o-beun-ee ddeu-geo-wo-ni-gga jo-shim-hae.]
Be careful as the oven is hot.

How To Say Appliance in Korean

We have just learned how to say some of the appliances in Korean: an oven, a fridge, a laundry machine, and a  microwave range. Yet, we have not learned how to say an appliance in Korean. It is called 가전제품 [ga-jeon-jae-poom] in Plural form, the appliances in Korean is called 가전제품들[ga-jeon-jae-poom-deul].

Now that you have learned how to say appliance in Korean, go ahead and let your friends and colleagues know what you have learned today! I know that you are eager to learn more, but let’s wait until next week with fresh contents!



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