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sibling in Korean

Previously, we have learned how to say sister in Korean. You might also remember that we have learned how to say brother in Korean as well. that could help you with everyday life. On our YouTube channel, there are videos explaining how to call different members in your family. Today, we will learn how to call younger sibling in Korean. This may sound strange to some of you, because in English, we just say older and younger in front of the sibling words (brother or sister) to describe the age relationship between the siblings. However, in Korean, there is specific term to designate younger sibling.



How To Say Younger Sibling in Korean

This is how to call younger sibling in Korean:

동생 [Dong-Seng]

남동생 [Nam-Dong-Seng] for younger brother

여동생 [Yeo-Dong-Seng] for younger sister


Sample Sentences Using Younger Sibling in Korean

실례합니다. 동생분이 몇명이 계세요? [sil-lay-hap-ni-da. Dong-seng-boon-ee myut-myung-ee gye-seh-yo?]

Excuse me. How many younger siblings do you have?

나는 남동생 두명이랑 여동생 한명이 있어. [na-neun nam-dong-seng do-myung-ee-rang yeo-dong-seng han-myung-ee ee-sseo.]

I have two younger brothers and one younger sister.

Note that native Korean numbers were used to describe how many siblings were present.


Exceptions For Using Dong Seng

Although it was taught above that the term 동생 [dong-seng] refers to younger sibling, that does not always mean that they have to be blood-related. You could be describing younger cousin as 사촌동생 [sa-chon-dong-seng] which is a combination of words between 사촌 [sa-chon] for cousin and 동생 [dong-seng] for younger sibling. Also, in the cases where you describe younger friend of yours, you would describe the friend as 아는 동생 [ah-neun dong-seng] which means younger friend I know or 친한 동생 [chin-han dong-seng] for close younger friend.

Now that you know how to say younger sibling in Korean, go tell your friends how many 남동생 or 여동생 you have!

Happy Studying everyone!

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