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‘You are Pretty’ in Korean: How to Say You are Pretty in Korean

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you are pretty in Korean

There is a famous Korean quote saying that “Praise shall make even a whale dance”. This means that compliments and praise can leave a powerful impression on someone, so much so that it can bring out the best even in an individual who lacks confidence. By learning how to say you are pretty in Korean, you can boost someone’s confidence and surely just make their day.

There are many beautiful celebrities in Korean. In fact, often you will see many gorgeous ladies walking in downtown Seoul on a typical day in Korea. If you are a good looking Korean woman, you will often here many compliments. In this post, we will learn how to say you are pretty in Korean so you can say this the next time you find yourself in a situation where you will need to use this Korean phrase!


How to Say ‘You Are Pretty’ in Korean

Here is how to say you are pretty in Korean: 예쁘시네요 [ye-bbeu-si-ne-yo]

예쁘다 [ye-bbeu-da] means ‘pretty’ and 시네요 [si-ne-yo] is an honorific form of ne-yo, which also means ‘seems so’. Combined with these two words, we could say 예쁘시네요!

Sample Sentences Using You Are Pretty in Korean

제니, 오늘 매우 예쁘시네요 [Jenny, oh-nul me-woo ye-bbeu-si-ne-yo]

Jenny, you are very pretty today.

진수야, 너의 초록색 우산이 예쁘네.  [Jinsoo-ya, nuh-eui cho-rok-sek woo-san-ee ye-bbeu-ne]

Jinsoo, your green umbrella is pretty.

Note here that 예쁘시네요 was replaced with 예쁘네. As the person that the speaker is talking to appears to be a friend in this sentence, Korean word yo at the end can be omitted.

Gender Specific Adjectives in Korean Language

Often, the word pretty can be described as feminine word in many different languages. Pretty in Korean language is no exception. Often, we say 예쁘시네요 to another female person to compliment how beautiful and attractive they are. they In our Beeline lessons, you will learn more in depth about gender specific terms in Korean language.


Now that you know how to say you are pretty in Korean, start using this Korean phrase to your mother, girlfriend or a spouse!

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