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‘What Time is It?’ in Korean: How to ask for the time in Korean

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What time is it in korean

Previously, we have learned many different phrases in Korean that could help you with everyday life. From hello in Korean to asking for someone’s name in Korean, we have learned pretty valuable phrases in Korean. Today, we will get to learn how to ask for time in Korean. I will teach you how you could ask what time it is in Korean, and not only that, I will also teach you how to read different hours of the day as well.



How To Say What Time Is It in Korean

This is how to say what time is it in Korean:

지금 몇시입니까?   [jee-geum myut-si ip-ni-gga?]

What Time Is it now?

Note that jee-geum means ‘now’ and we need to always include that when asking for the current time.

Sample Sentences Using What Time Is It in Korean

실례합니다. 혹시 지금 몇시인지 아십니까? [sil-lay-hap-ni-da. Hok-si jee-geum myut-si-in-jee ah-sip-ni-gga?]

Excuse me. Do you happen to know what time it is right now?

제가 거기에 몇시쯤에 가면 되는거죠? [jae-ga guh-ghee-eh myut-si-jjeum-eh ga-myun doe-neun-guh-jyo?]

What time should I go there?

How To Read Each Hour in Korean

You can see the pattern, where each hour is spelt with 시 [si], meaning ‘hour’ in Korean.

You have previously learned how to count from 1 to 10 in Korean, and you will apply the same knowledge here as well. We use the native Korean numeral when describing the hour.

One O’Clock – 한시 [han-si]

Two O’Clock – 두시 [do-si]

Three O’Clock – 세시 [Sae-si]

Four O’Clock – 네시 [nae-si]

Five O’Clock – 다섯시 [da-sut-si]

Six O’Clock – 여섯시 [yuh-sut-si]

Seven O’Clock – 일곱시 [ill-gob-si]

Eight O’Clock – 여덟시 [yuh-dull-si]

Nine O’Clock – 아홉시 [ah-hop-si]

Ten O’Clock – 열시 [yeol-si]

Eleven O’Clock – 열한시 [yeol-han-si]

Twelve O’Clock – 열두시 [yeol-do-si]

Now that you know how to ask what time it is and say each hour in Korean, let your friends know how to ask for time in Korean.

Happy Studying everyone!

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