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meeting in Korean

Previously, We have learned how to ask what time it is in Korean, and also learned how to read different hours of the day in Korean. In today’s lesson, we will teach you how to say What Time Are We Meeting Today?, so you will get to ask when you will meet your loved ones. Also, you have learned how to read different hours of the day, so I will teach you how to read minutes as well.



How To Say What Time Are We Meeting Today? in Korean

This is how to say what time are we meeting today in Korean:

우리 오늘 몇시에 만나요?   [woo-ri o-neul myut-si-eh man-na-yo?]

What Time Are We Meeting Today?

Note that woori stands for ‘we’ and oneul stands for ‘today’. myut-si means ‘what hour’ and man-na-yo stands for ‘meeting’ in Korean.  We have used 시 [si] ‘hour’ to refer general time.

Sample Sentences Using What Time Are We Meeting Today? in Korean

실례합니다. 혹시 오늘 3시에 만나기로 했죠? [sil-lay-hap-ni-da. Hok-si o-neul seh-si-eh man-na-gee-ro het-jyo?]

Excuse me. Have we set to meet at 3 O’clock today?

우리 이따가 오후 4시쯤에 만나기로 했어요. [woo-ri ee-tta-ga o-hoo neh-si-jjeum-eh man-na-gee-ro het-sseo-yo.]

We are to meet later around 4 pm.

How To Read Minutes in Korean

As you have previously learned how to read hours in Korean, you can see the pattern, where each minute is spelt with 분 [boon], meaning ‘minutes’ in Korean.

Unlike hours,  we use the Sino- Korean numeral when describing the minutes.

15 minutes  – 십오분 [ship-o-boon]

30 minutes  – 삼십분 [saam-ship-boon]

45 minutes – 사십오분  [saa-ship-o-boon]


Now, we can practice using hour and minutes together.

11: 45 pm – 오후 열한시 사십오분 [o-hoo yeol-han-si saa-ship-o-boon]

Now you know how to read time in Korean, go practice your skills with your friends and family.

Happy Studying everyone!

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