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‘Today’ in Korean: How to Say Today in Korean

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Today in Korean

Malcolm X once noted that The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.  As we learn Korean, we need to practice speaking Korean as often as possible. Today, we will learn how to say today in Korean.


How to Say Today in Korean

Here is how to say today in Korean: 오늘 [oh-nul]

오늘의 스페셜 메뉴[oh-nul-eui su-pe-cial me-new]

What’s today’s special menu?

오늘 뭐하세요? [oh-nul mo-ha-se-yo?]

What are you doing today?

Whether the word today in Korean is used as an adverb or as a noun, it will usually be placed at the very beginning of the sentence.

Sample Sentences Using Today in Korean

형, 오늘 우리 맛있는거 먹으러 가자 [Hyung, oh-nul woo-ri mat-it-nun-guh muk-uh-ro-ga-ja]

Hey older brother, let’s go eat something delicious today.

*Note the usage of ‘Hyung’, This is the formal title for any males to call another older male who are either related to them, or very close to them. Thus, the formal addressing [yo] was omitted at the end.

세영씨, 오늘의 날씨는 맑은거 같아요.  [Seyoung-Ssi, oh-nul-eui nal-ssi-nun malgeun-guh ga-ta-yo]

Seyoung, it seems like the weather is clear today.

Starting a conversation in Korean can open up many different ways to communicate using the Korean language. Korean culture is very polite and courteous in nature, and Korean people always love to know what you are up to, so it is a very useful word for you to know as you are learning the Korean language.

Now that you know how to say today in Korean, start using this Korean word everyday…starting today!

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