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To Be Frankly Honest in Korean: How To Use Slang in Korean

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honest in Korean

As we have previously mentioned, Beeline Korean will get you to have the necessary skills to survive in Korea as a Non-native Korean speaker. We previously covered slang words like 꿀잼 and 노잼. We don’t only teach you the traditional Korean alphabets and words, but we also teach you the slang words through our Beeline Language Korean blogs websites. Why don’t we continue learning these fun slangs? Today, you will learn how to say To Be frankly honest in Korean.



How to say To Be Frankly Honest in Korean

This is how to say it in a slang way, 솔직히 까놓고 말해서 [sol-jik-hee gga-knot-go mal-hae-seo]

솔직히 is ‘honestly’ and 까놓고 말해서 means ‘saying out in the open’

This became the popular slang word among Korean internet users (often referred to as netizens).

Sample Sentences Using To Be Frankly Honest in Korean

솔직히 까놓고 말해서 어제 너무 재미없었어. [sol-jik-hee gga-knot-go mal-hae-seo eo-jae neo-moo jam-ee eob-ssu-sseo].

The be frankly honest, yesterday was so not fun.

솔직히 까놓고 말해서 케이팝은 최고야. [sol-jik-hee gga-knot-go mal-hae-seo. K-Pop-eun choi-go-ya].

To be frankly honest, K-Pop is the best.

Other Similar Words in Korean

There are other words that are similar to 솔까말. 터놓고 말해서 [teo-knot-go-mal-hae-seo] which means ‘bluntly speaking’. Also you could say 가슴에 손을 얹고 말해서 [ga-seum-eh son-eul-eon-ko-mal-hae-seo] to show them that you are speaking from the heart. It directly translates into ‘to be honest with a hand on my chest’.

You have learned how to say to be frankly honest in many ways in Korean. 솔까말, it was 꿀잼. Wasn’t it?

Happy Studying everyone!

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