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(Video) How to Say Teacher in Korean

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teacher in korean

When you want to learn a new language, one of the first things you will do is find a good platform to learn about the language. Another important to thing to consider is that you need a good teacher who can teach you the new language and culture without overwhelming you too much. Today, you will be able to learn how to say teacher in Korean.


How to Say Teacher in Korean

Here is how to say teacher in Korean:  선생님 [sun-seng-nim]

As you may already know, in the English language, we are taught to call our teachers using gender specific titles such as Mister, Miss or Misses.

In Korean, you would say the teacher’s last name and then simply put 선생님 at the end. For example, if the teacher’s last name is Jung, you would be calling the teacher, 정 선생님 [jung sun-seng-nim]. Usually, 선생님 is a gender neutral form.

Sample Sentences Using Teacher in Korean

선생님, 이 단어는 어떻게 말해요? [sun-seng-nim ee-dan-eo-neun eo-tteo-ke-mal-he-yo?]

Sir, How would I say this word?

선생님과 함께 공부를 하면 더 흥미롭다 [sun-seng-nim-gwah ham-gge gong-boo-reul ha-myeon duh heung-mi-rop-da]

Studying with the teacher is more interesting.

제 직업은 교사입니다. [je jik-up-eun gyo-sa ip-ni-da]

My occupation is a teacher.

How to Say Teacher in Korean in Different Ways

In Korea, 선생님 is widely used for any type of teacher. Also, when you are in some formal settings, you can say 선생님 to replace sir in the sentence. Also, 스승님 [seu-seung-nim] or 은사님 [eun-sa-nim] is sometimes used for older Koreans.

스승님 is the absolute formal form of 선생님, which is already a respectful way of calling a teacher.  은사님 can be translated to a [a teacher who had benefited me] and mostly used for a special teacher who had a large influence on your education.

Also, when teachers are being called by their profession, they are called 교사 [gyo-sa]. For example, a high school teacher would be called 고등학교 교사 [gho-deung-hak-gyo gyo-sa] which is a combination between 고등학교, which means ‘high school’ in Korean, and 교사, the teacher in an occupational form. Make sure you refrain from using this form when addressing the teacher as they might be offended with the term, since it does not imply any respect with the term 교사.

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