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Subway in Korean: How To Say Subway In Korean

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how to say subway in Korean

Beeline Language Korean is all about learning the Korean language and culture. In our previous lessons, we have learned many different slang words like 멘붕[men-boong], 불금 [bulgeum] and 꿀잼 [ggul-jam]. Also, we have covered a lot of words that would be used by young Korean generations today. In the previous blog, you have learned the three trendy slang words in Korean that youngsters use these days, such as 혼술[hon-sool]. Today, you will learn how to say Subway in Korean.


How To Say Subway In Korean

This is how you would say Subway in Korean: 지하철[ji-ha-cheol]


Sample Sentences Using Subway In Korean

서울 지하철 2호선을 타고 신촌 역에서 내리면 3번 출구로 나오세요. [Seo-wool ji-ha-cheo ee-ho-seon-eul ta-go Shin-Chon yeok-ae-seo nae-ree-myeon sam-beon-chool-goo-ro na-oh-se-yo].

When you take the subway line 2 in Seoul metro, and get off on Shin-Chon station and get out on the exit number 3.

Note that Seoul metro system, KORAIL is one of the most advanced subway systems in the modern society.

지하철하고 버스를 갈아타고 멀리 가야해. [ji-ha-cheol-ha-go beo-seu-reul gal-ah-ta-go meol-lee ga-ya-hae].

We have to take the subway and then transfer to a bus and going distance.

Note that bus in Korean is 버스 [beo-seu]

Other Similar Words To Subway in Korean

You just have learned how to say Subway in Korean. There is another way of saying the subway in Korean and it is 전철 [jeon-cheol]. You may find a lot of people say 전철 instead of 지하철, but they are exactly the same. Train in Korean, is called 기차 [ghee-cha] and it is used to describe rail trains that connects cities that are in distance.  In Korea, there is a famous train line called KTX, and using that transit, you could go from Seoul to Busan in about 3 hours!

Now that you know how to say Subway in Korean, you could go ahead and tell your colleagues and friends about what you have learned today!

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