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It’s Sam Gyup Sal Day! 삼겹살 데이!

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Sam Gyup Sal!

As pork is the most consumed meat in Korea, it makes sense that Koreans would dedicate an entire day to celebrate it!

But why on March 3rd?

‘Sam’ (삼), is the number ‘3’ in Korean. Sam gyup sal (삼겹살) means ‘three layers of meat’ (three layered pork belly). So, on the 3rd day on the 3rd month of the year, Koreans will go to their local restaurant and enjoy some 삼겹살, cooked right on the table.

But really, don’t wait until March 3rd to try Sam Gyup Sal  – its just too delicious not to be eaten at least once a month! Once a week? Every day? Maybe that’s a bit much, but really – give this a try!

Sam Gyup Sal