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(Video) How to Say No in Korean

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No matter which language you learn, you need to know how to decline a favor that you either dislike or do not need. This is no different when learning Korean. Today we are going to learn how to say no in Korean.

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How to Say No in Korean

아니오 [a-nee-o]

Sample Sentences Using ‘No’ in Korean

Here are some sample sentences using your new word:

No, it is ok.

아니요, 괜찮아요.

No, it is wrong.

아니요, 틀렸어요.

No, I am full.

아니요, 배불러요.

No, I do not need it.

아니요, 필요없어요.

No, I am not sure.

아니요, 잘 몰라요.

Keep in mind that when using your new word, you always must consider who you are speaking to.

If you are speaking with your friend, it is fine to use the informal way to speak; however, if you are speaking with someone older than you, you must use the formal or the honorific way of speaking.

no in korean

Other Ways to Say No in Korean

As we have mentioned previously, it is important to address the person in formal way of speaking to show the respect towards the other party. Saying no to others is not an exception.

Instead of saying 아니오 or 아니 all the time, people mostly substitute the words to say 괜찮습니다 or 괜찮아요. They can be translated into ‘it’s okay’.

Refrain from using ‘아니오’ when you might have to turn down a kind gesture or actions of others.

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