Why You Need To Learn Hangul

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Reasons why you need to learn Hangul and stop using Romanization

Why you need to learn Hangul: When you begin to study the Korean language, it is normal to want to start speaking Korean right away…as is the case with studying any new language. Getting started with learning how to say a few words is always a good way to get motivated to continue studying. Before getting too far with the Korean language, you want to take some time to learn how to read and write Korean – Hangul – as this will help your progress and retention of what you learn immensely.



As words do not always sound the way they are spelled in English (take the words ‘island’ or ‘flood’ as examples), studying Korean using Romanization is not recommended. This is why you need to learn Hangul.

However, the genius of Hangul is that words can only be pronounced one way. So, by learning how to read and write Korean, Hangul, you will always be pronouncing Korean words correctly. It’s that simple.

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