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(Video) How to say Mother in Korean

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When you are learning Korean, there are important words that you should know, such as the names of the members of your family. Today we are going to learn how to say mother in Korean.

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How do I say Mother in Korean?


What is Omma Korean?

‘Omma’ or ‘umma’ 어머 means ‘mother’ in the Korean language. This would be used when addressing ones own mother, not when speaking to someone else’s parent.

What does Amma mean in Korean?

‘Amma’ is mother in the Korean language, but is pronounced 어머, so closer to ‘Umma’ than ‘Amma’ or ‘Ama’.

Sample Sentences Using Mother in a Sentence

Mom, I’m hungry.
엄마 배고파요
I love you, Mom. 
사랑해요 엄마
Happy Birthday, Mom
엄마 생일축하해요
You’re the best, Mom
엄마가 최고에요

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Are there other ways to say Mother in the Korean language?

어머니[eo-meo-ni] is a formal way of saying mother in Korean, but you do not always need to speak formally!

This term would be used in a more formal situation, such as when referring to one’s mother-in-law, as an example. Once married, you would adopt this term for your husband’s mother or for your ‘wife’s’ mother.

엄마[Umma] is an informal way of using this and you would refer to your own mom when saying this. You would therefore not refer to anyone who would require the formal way of saying this, as it would come off as insulting to them.

How do I refer to other Family Members in Korean?

Check out the video below to learn how to address other family members such as grandfather, or grandpa, which is different depending on if it is on your father’s or your mother’s side of the family.

When referring to your grandmother, you must also keep the same thing in mind as it differs.

Happy studying everyone!