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Korean words

It’s hard to learn Korean words…that is if you are looking at a text book. This is why we do not teach Korean words this way. Instead, we teach Korean through a variety of unique ways to make Korean words stick in your brain. By learning Korean words through pictures, your success rate of actually retaining these Korean words increases immensely.

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Take a look at the Korean word for today: Myong-sang, which means ‘meditation’ in Korean. Before simply trying to remember this Korean word, take a step back and try to relate this word to the picture and it’s meaning: the first part of the word, ‘myong’, sounds like the word ‘young’ with an ‘m’ in front of it. ‘Sang’, is not pronounced the same as the English word ‘sang’, the past form of ‘sing’. Now you can remember ‘meditation’ as a “(m)young person who sang”. Even better, “a young person whose soul is singing while doing meditation”. This is called a mnemonic and is another of the many Beeline Language Methods that we use in our program.

Sounds extremely silly, doesn’t it? That’s just the point. While this is a crazy way to remember this particular Korean word, it will stick in your brain a lot easier.

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