Korean Words

How to Learn Korean Words AND Remember Them

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how to learn korean words

So you want to know  how to learn Korean words and remember them? Not a problem.

Studying Korean words and trying to remember them without any rhyme or reason is a sure way to absolutely kill your motivation to learn Korean. Korean words are necessary to speak Korean, so you have to learn them.

But how do you remember what you have learned?

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Learning Korean through Mnemonics

A mnemonic is a word, rhyme or visual image that assist in memory. By using mnemonics when learning Korean words, you simply associate a specific word with something that you can easily recall. Take, for example, the word ‘duel’, which is the number 2 in Korean. To remember how to say ‘2’ in Korean – duel – just picture two people having a ‘duel’; since it takes 2 people to have a duel, the word for ‘2’ in Korean is ‘duel’.

Mnemonics don’t need to make any sense whatsoever – in fact, the sillier the mnemonic is, the easier it will be to remember and to recall later when you need it.

Learning Korean through Spaced Repetition

Have you ever thought you learned a word, but when you tried to access the word in your brain, it just wasn’t there? But then you hear the same word again and all of a sudden, it becomes part of your vocabulary.

This is called spaced repetition and it is a very effective technique when learning Korean words.

When learning Korean – or any language – you won’t remember every single thing that you are taught the first time you learn it. Your brain can only take so much new information at a time and retain it. But, with time and repetition,  your brain does in fact remember until it becomes second nature to you.

Learning Korean through Situated Learning

Learning Korean words by associating a specific word with a specific situation is a sure way learn Korean words and remember them.

Let’s say you find yourself in a Korean restaurant needing a spoon because you just dropped yours on the floor. You turn to your Korean friend and ask her how to say ‘spoon’ in Korean. When the waiter comes to your table, you then use your newly learned word and ask him for a spoon in Korean.

A few weeks later, you find yourself at a Korean friend’s house and he offers you some Kimchi jiggae but forgets to bring your spoon. You know that you learned the word already, so to access it in your brain, you picture yourself asking the waiter for the spoon when you were at the restaurant. Now you own the word ‘spoon’ in Korean.

These are just three examples of techniques on how to learn Korean words that we teach throughout our entire Beeline Language Korean program. They may seems easy but that is because they are. We use every trick in the book to get you speaking Korean fast, so that it sticks.

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