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The easiest and most effective way to learn Korean online is with Beeline Language. Whether you are in Korea or on your way there for a visit, you will need to know at least some of the Korean language to get by.

These days, there are thousands of expats from around the world that are living in Korea; whether they are teachers, teaching English in Korea, engineers on long term stays in Korea or those there who are doing business with Korean companies, the need to know at least some of the Korean language is greater than ever.

While you could get by only speaking English in Korea to the locals, you’ll find that your daily interactions will become quite frustrating, as you won’t be fully or sometimes even party understood.

But where will you find the time to study Korean? The answer is simple: learn Korean online with Beeline Language! Our program is designed to give learners of the Korean language the option to study as much or as little as they want, anywhere they want – learn Korean online on the subway or in the comfort of your own home. Take Beeline with you wherever you go.

As our program focuses on situational or situated learning, as an example, you can study the ‘At the Restaurant’ lesson on your way to a Korean restaurant, so that you can prepare what you will say to the server when you order your meal.

With our focus being on speaking Korean, we want you to get out there and use as much of the language as you can in order to practice and then get more confidence speaking Korean.

Why not give it a try? Our lessons are fun and entertaining and will get you speaking Korean fast!