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how to learn korean fast

Do you want to know how to learn Korean fast? This is the 64 million dollar question when learning any language. It would be nice to wave a magic wand and be able to just start speaking Korean, but since that’s not an option, it’s a good thing that you found us!

So why are we called Beeline Language?

The answer lies in the definition of the word beeline:

bee·line | the most direct route

Just as the bee takes the most direct route back to its hive, we teach Korean in the most direct way to allow you to start speaking Korean immediately – even after the very first video lesson – because this is why people learn a new language, isn’t it? To start speaking!

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So how do we get you to learn Korean fast? We do this by using techniques that allow you to remember and then easily recall what you are taught:

  • Spaced repetition is one such technique, where you are taught a word in, say lesson 1, that is then repeated in lesson 3; you might then see the same word in one of the Vocabulary Builder lessons, or possibly in a Grammar and Expressions lesson. This allows you to not have to focus on memorizing each and every word you are taught. Instead, you are taught the word, and when you hear it again, your brain recognizes it without you having to concentrate on it.
  • Another technique is the use of mnemonics. For example, the Korean word for the number 4 is ‘net’. So, picture yourself catching 4 fish in a net. Bet you won’t forget that, will you?
  • Our Korean video lessons are all based around situations that you will find yourself in when speaking Korean, such as at a restaurant, shopping at a store or booking a hotel room, to name a few. By picturing yourself in such situations, you are creating a mental connection that allows your brain to store the specific language that you will need.
  • Finally – and perhaps most importantly – our lessons are fun, engaging and interesting. If you have tried other methods of learning Korea, you will know that learning the Korean language can be boring. When learning is boring, the learning becomes unmotivated which often results in quitting altogether. We want you to succeed in your goal of speaking Korean and this is why get you to learn Korean fast!

Got a few minutes?  It won’t take long, so give it a try!