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Learn Konglish (Korean & English) To Boost Your Korean Vocabulary

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KONGLISH = Korean + English.

Konglish words are abundant in spoken Korean and are not considered slang. They are words that have been adopted using the combination of an English word which is altered to make sense in the Korean language. Therefore when you learn Konglish words, it is essentially a short cut to improving your Korean!

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Take a look at the word ‘핸드폰’ (han-de-pone), which translates to hand + phone, a phone for your hand.

Konglish words aren’t always obvious, but when you discover their meaning, they are hard to forget!

A great trick to learning – and remembering – Korean words and phrases is to associate them with what you already know; ‘hand phone’ is a great example of this as you already know these two words, which are very easy to associate with a cell phone.

While studying lists of vocabulary isn’t fun, increasing the number of Korean words is essential for your ability to speak Korean. Our Vocabulary Builder videos are a great way to do exactly this, while just sitting back and watching.  In these videos you will also learn Konglish words, which we refer to as ‘free words’, since they are easy to remember.