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Learning Korean for Beginners

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learning korean for beginners

So you’re interested in learning Korean for beginners?

Where do you get started? Do you buy a Korean book? Hire a Korean tutor? Maybe look online for some free material to get going?

Sure, these are all decent ways to tackle learning the Korean language, but where will they lead you?

Since you probably don’t yet know how to read Korean, Hangul, perhaps you should start there?

Want to Learn Korean for Free? Start Now!

Let’s take a step back for a moment and ask yourself what you hope to achieve by studying Korean. The answer to this question is simple: You want to start speaking Korean. So, if that is your goal, learning how to read and write Korean is not the best place to start.

The best place to start is by learning the very basics of the Korean language to enable you to interact with people, starting with simple words and phrases such as ‘hello’ and ‘nice to meet you’. These are very common things that you say to people so it’s a good place to start and is where we start.

In the very first video of our Beginner Level, we start by teaching you the parts of speech that you need. Lessons are explained using situated learning, so that you can learn in context, which helps you remember and recall with ease.

Each of the Main Lessons are supplemented with our Grammar &¬†Expression and Vocabulary Builder lessons. These give you more knowledge and information to add to your overall Korean. You don’t need to learn it all at once, but can go back at any time and add to the base you are building.

Once you have mastered the Beginner Level, it’s on to the reading and writing, Hangul Level. Once you are here, you have a good idea of the very basics of the Korean language and can then start to see how things come together.

After you have mastered the Hangul Level, it’s time to really take your Korean learning to the next stage. In our Intermediate Level, you will be not only be reading and writing in Korean but will be able to speak in full sentences!

Now you’re asking, “Could learning Korean be that easy?”. It can be, yes. And it is if you follow our lead.

Whether you’re learning Korean for beginners or for intermediate levels, Beeline Language has you covered. Get started today¬†with “Hello, it’s nice to meet you” and work your way up to speaking in full, beautiful sentences in Korean. Give it a go. We’re sure you’ll be happy with how far you get with a little effort.