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korean words and phrases

Learning Korean words and phrases is a great way to increase your overall ability in studying Korean as a whole, but perhaps more importantly, it is a great way to get you actually speaking Korean. This is our goal at Beeline Language.

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The Korean phrase today is: “Sa-jin-eul-jjik-eo-yo”, which means ‘I’m taking a photo’. ‘Sa-jin’ is the word for photo and  ‘jjik-eo-yo’ is the verb to take a photo.

One of the great things about learning Korean words and phrases is that once you learn a sentence, you can use it as a statement, i.e. talking about yourself, or as a question that you ask to another person.

Therefore, “Sa-jin-eul-jjik-eo-yo?” is asking “Are you taking a photo?”, while “Sa-jin-eul-jjik-eo-yo”, means I’m taking a photo. No need for fancy grammar here!

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