Korean Words

Learning Korean Words and Sentences

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Korean Words | Learning Korean words and sentences

Interested in learning Korean words and sentences?

Learning Korean words is the first place you need to start when learning how to speak Korean. Once you have a few Korean words in your pocket, it doesn’t take much to then put these Korean words into sentences.

Take a look at today’s Korean sentence: “Dung sang eul ga yo”. ‘Dung sang’ means ‘hike’, ‘ga yo’ means ‘to go’ and ‘eul’ is the object marker. Through our Beeline Korean program, you’ll learn the basics on how to put Korean sentences together by using verbs such as ‘ga’, to go, adding ‘yo’ at the end of the sentence to turn it into the formal way of speaking. With this knowledge of Korean already at hand, you only need to learn your new word, ‘dung sang’ in order to speak a perfect Korean sentence.

Learn Korean words and they will easily become Korean sentences.

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Korean Words | Learning Korean words and sentences with Beeline Language Korean