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Korean Vocabulary and Why You Need To Build It

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korean vocabulary

Why Korean vocabulary is imperative to your learning

Building your Korean vocabulary is a must when your goal is speaking conversational Korean.

How can you speak in Korean sentences if you don’t have the basic building blocks to form a Korean sentence?


By looking at the Korean word for today, ‘mug’, you can see that Korean vocabulary isn’t always that hard to remember. Sound out the word ‘meo-ge-cup’ – does that sound familiar? It should!  Mug cup! This is an example of Konglish, a Korean take on an English word, in this case, one meaning defined by two words that are essentially the same!

Korean vocabulary doesn’t always need to make sense, just as long as you can remember Korean words, you’ll be able to start speaking Korean. That’s the goal, isn’t it? To speak Korean?

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