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Korean Songs in Korean: How To Say Korean Songs in Korean

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korean songs in korean

Beeline Language Korean is all about learning the Korean language and culture. Korea has many East Asian traditional cultures that is combined with modern western influence. In the previous session, you have learned how to say Korean Food in Korean. In this lesson, I will teach you how to say Korean Songs in Korean, so you can tell all your K-Pop friends about how Koreans refer to their music and songs.



How to say Korean Songs in Korean

This is how to say Korean songs in Korean: 한국노래 [han-gook-no-rae] or 가요 [ga-yo]

As you may already be aware, 한국 is Korea in Korean, and 노래 is song. 가요 is a Korean word for ‘popular songs’. When Korean people refer to Korean songs, they usually refer them to 가요.

Sample Sentences Using Korean Songs in Korean

내가 즐겨듣는 가요는 너무 많아서 수를 셀수도 없어. [nae-ga jeul-gyeo duet-neun ga-yo-neun neo-moo man-seo soo-reul sel-soo-doh eob-sseo].

There are so many Korean songs that I enjoy listening to, that you can’t even count how many.

한국노래는 가사가 너무 서정적이야. [han-gook-no-rae-neun ga-sa-ga neo-moo seo-jeong-juk ee-ya].

Korean songs have lyrics that are so lyrical.

Korean Songs, Korean Singers

Now that you know how to say Korean songs in Korean, we will go one step further and tell you how to say singer in Korean. Similar to 가요, the singer is called 가수 [ga-soo] in Korean. So, your favorite K-Pop 가수 is singing 한국노래 for your pleasure.

Now you know how to say Korean songs in Korean, as well as how to say singer in Korean, you could let your fellow K-Pop fans know about the new words you have learned today.

Happy Studying everyone!

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