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Korean Drinking Culture: Drinking Soju

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The Korean Drinking Culture

Want to know more about the Korean drinking culture?

If you are planning on taking a trip to Korea or living there, it is very likely that you will experience the Korean drinking culture, which plays a huge role in social and business gatherings.

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The Korean drinking culture differs greatly from the drinking cultures in the West, as it is assumed that everyone will drink, not only in a bar setting, but also in a restaurant setting.

Koreans tend to drink beer and soju, which is a clear alcohol in a small green bottle that is anywhere from 16.7-20% alcohol, depending on the brand. It is drunk communally in the form of ‘shots’ where someone at the table will grab a bottle (usually the oldest person), and fill everyone’s shot glass. A cheers is made before downing the shot. The shot is then followed up with a spoonful of soup, a bite of meat or whatever is being cooked on the table. This acts as a sort of ‘chaser’, the same as a wedge of lemon chases a shot of tequila.

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