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‘Korea’ in Korean: How to Say Korea in Korean

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Korea in Korean

How did you first learn about Korea? How much do you know about Korea and the country itself? When learning about a new culture, perhaps one of the first things that people want to know about is how to say that country’s name in their own language. Today, we will learn how to say Korea in Korean.


How to Say Korea in Korean

Here is how to say Korea in Korean: 한국 [han-guk]

한국 사람 [han-guk sa-ram]

A Korean person

한국 사람들 [han-huk sa-ram-deul]

Korean people

한국 노래 [han-guk no-rae]

Korean Songs

Note that Korean grammar does not typically have any articles (‘a’ or ‘the’) so pluralizing in Korean is different. Therefore, you can see that there are no articles to differentiate singular and plural forms. 사람 and 사람들 [sa-ram and sa-ram-deul] will differentiate ‘person’ from ‘people’.

Sample Sentences Using Korea in Korean

저는 한국 노래를 매우 좋아합니다.  [jeo-neun han-guk no-rae-reul me-woo jo-ah-hab-ni-da.]

I like Korean songs very much.

나는 한국사람 입니다.  [na-neun han-guk-sa-ram ib-ni-da.]

I am Korean.

수현아, 지수는 한국에서 삼주 전에 왔어. [soohyun-ah, jisoo-neun han-guk-eseo sam-ju jeon-e wat-sso]

Soohyun, Jisoo came from Korea three weeks ago.

Different Ways to Say Korea

As you continue to learn Korean language and explore more in depth about the Korean culture, you would soon realize that 한국 is not the only way to say Korea.  남한 [nam-han] which can be literally translated into ‘South Korea’, 북한[buk-han] for ‘North Korea’, or 대한민국 [dae-han-min-guk].

Now that you know how to say Korea in Korean, let your friends know how many different ways you can use ‘Korea’ in a sentence!

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