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(Video) How to Say I Miss You in Korean

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There are many times when you are away from people who you like or love, and we express our desire to see each other by saying I miss you. So today we are going to learn how to say I miss you in Korean.

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How do say I miss you in Korean?

보고싶어요 – I miss you.

What is the meaning of Bogoshipo?

The literal meaning of ‘bogoshipo’ (보고싶어요) is ‘I want to see you’, which is just another way of saying that ‘I miss you’. 보고 (bogo) – means to ‘see’ and 싶어요 (shipo-yo) means to ‘want to’.

How do you pronounce Bogoshipo? 

You pronounce bogoshipo like this: 보고 bo-go 싶어 ship-0.

i miss you in korean

How do you say I miss you in Korean informal?

You would say 보고싶어 (bogo-ship-o). All you are doing here is dropping the ‘yo’ (요), which would otherwise make it formal.

Other ways to say ‘I miss you’ in Korean

There are many different ways of saying I miss you:

보고싶습니다 is another formal way of saying I miss you, but it is not commonly used and contains the same meaning as 보고싶어요.

I miss you is mostly used between couples, friends, and family members, and therefore is mostly used in an informal way.

보고싶다 and 보고싶어 is the informal way of saying I miss you.

Now that you know how to say I miss you, you can say I miss you in different ways in Korean on different occasions!

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