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(Video) How To Say I Love You in Korean

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Beeline Language Korean is all about learning the Korean language and culture. You will absolutely love what you will learn today, because this sentence is one that everyone loves to say: today you will learn how to say I love you in Korean.

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How to say I Love You in Korean

This is how to say I Love You in Korean: 사랑해 [Sa-rang-hae]

When you are saying I love you to people who are older than you, you must say 사랑합니다  or 사랑해요 to be respectful.

Note that ‘I’ and ‘You’ are omitted. In Korean language, when you are directly speaking to another person, you typically omit the pronouns.

Basic Sentences Using I Love You in Korean


I love you (in the formal way)


I love you (another way to say in the formal way)


I love you (in the informal way)

엄마 사랑해요

Mom, I love you.

아빠 사랑해요

Dad, I love you.

Intermediate Sentences Using I Love You in Korean

이세상에서 나는 너를 제일로 사랑해

I love you the most in this world.

사랑하는 사람들이랑 같이 휴일을 보낼수 있어서 좋아.

I like it that I am able to spend a holiday with people I love.

I love you in korean

Other Ways to Say I Love You in Korean

Just like in English, there are many ways to show your affection in Korean. Not just saying I love you directly, but some other similar phrases usually mean the same.

For example, 내 마음을 뺏어갔어요, has a similar meaning. It literally means ‘(you) stole my heart’.

Another similar phrase to I love you would be I cherish you.

아낀다. This would be used between friends when one particularly adores the other.

Now you know various ways of saying I love you in Korean, go tell your loved one how much 사랑 you have for them.

Happy Studying everyone!