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‘Handsome’ in Korean: How To Say You Are Handsome in Korean

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handsome in korean

When you first start learning how to speak and write Korean, did you know that you would be coming this far? Learning all the cool slangs like 싱글족, 모태솔로, 솔까말? About a while ago, we have also learned how to say you are pretty in Korean. I am pretty sure all of you remember that. Today, we will learn how to say the similar thing to a guy. We will learn how to say you are handsome in Korean.



How to say You are Handsome in Korean

This is how to say you are handsome in Korean: 잘생겼어요. [jal-seng-gyot-uh-yo]

잘 means ‘well’ or ‘nicely’ in Korean. 생겼어요 means ‘laid out’ in Korean. Therefore, when you combine these two words in Korean, you will have a meaning ‘nicely laid out features’, which usually refers to face.

Sample Sentences Using You are Handsome in Korean

어제 만났던 민석이는 너무 잘생겼어. [eo-jae man-nat-deon min-seok-ee-neun neo-moo jal-seng-gyot-eo].

Minseok, whom we met yesterday is very handsome.

제가 잘생긴 사람들을 많이 봤었지만 진짜 잘생기셨네요. [jae-ga jal-seng-ghin sa-ram-deul-el man-ee bwat-eot-jee-man jin-jja jal-seng-ghi-shut-ne-yo].

I have met many good-looking people, but you are very handsome.


Other Ways to Say You are Handsome in Korean

Instead of saying you are handsome in Korean, you could just say you are nice looking. 멋져요 [mut-jeo-yo] 멋져요 usually contains the meaning ‘nice’ and ‘good looking’.

The word handsome is very useful to know in Korean, not only in a friendly setting, but when you mention that to a business meeting in a casual and harmless manner, the phrase could easily be an ice breaker.

Happy Studying everyone!

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