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Uncle in Korean: How To Say Uncle in Korean

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uncle in korean

As we have previously learned, Koreans are very family-oriented people. Thus far, we have learned how to say grandmother and grandfather in Korean. Also, we have learned sample sentence containing those words. Also, you may remember that we have learned how to say brother in Korean. Have you thought of how to call your mother or father’s brothers in Korean? Don’t worry if you don’t know. Today, we will continue learning about the family member, and you will learn how to say uncle in Korean.




How to say Uncle in Korean

This is how to say uncle in Korean.

삼촌 [Sam-Chon]

Sample Sentences Using Uncle in Korean

이번 여름에 큰삼촌이랑 같이 여행을 갔어 [ee-beon yeo-reum-eh kun-sam-chon-ee-rang ga-chi yeo-heng-eul ga-sseo].

I went travelling with my oldest uncle this summer.

우리 삼촌에게는 아들이 있는데 나의 사촌이야. [woo-ri sam-chon-eh-ghe-eun ah-deul-ee it-neun-dae na-my eui sa-chon-ee-ya].

My uncle has a son, who is my cousin.

How To Distinguish Paternal and Maternal Uncle

In Korean, we call the maternal uncle and paternal uncle differently. Paternal uncle is called 친삼촌[chin-sam-chon], where maternal uncle is called 외삼촌 [wae-sam-chon]. Just like 외할아버지 and 친할아버지, more than often, people are calling the maternal uncle as 외삼촌, but refers to paternal uncle as just 삼촌, instead of 친삼촌. Sometimes, paternal uncles are called 작은아버지 or 큰아버지 which means big father or little father, depending on how they are related to one’s father.

You have learned how to say uncle in Korean, call your 삼촌 and tell him what you have learned today!

Happy Studying everyone!

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